CyRay Add-Ons: SAP Monitoring


Introducing Mobula CyRay’s groundbreaking service, “SAP Monitoring” – a cutting-edge solution designed to ensure the utmost security and operational efficiency of your SAP infrastructure. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and intelligent algorithms, SAP Monitoring offers comprehensive oversight and detection capabilities for all SAP Servers and SAP Services within your organization.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Server Monitoring: SAP Monitoring provides real-time, end-to-end surveillance of all SAP Servers, encompassing both on-premises and cloud-based installations. It meticulously tracks system performance, resource utilization, and network activities, offering insights into potential bottlenecks and vulnerabilities.

2. Proactive Alert System: Armed with advanced anomaly detection algorithms, SAP Monitoring constantly analyzes system behaviors and user activities. It immediately raises alerts upon detecting any unusual or suspicious patterns, allowing IT teams to swiftly respond to potential security breaches or unauthorized access attempts.

3. Security Compliance and Auditing: With SAP Monitoring, compliance with industry standards and internal security policies is easily achievable. It facilitates thorough auditing of SAP configurations and user access rights, helping organizations meet regulatory requirements and maintain a robust security posture.

4. Advanced User Behavior Analytics: By employing machine learning, SAP Monitoring creates individual user profiles, gaining a deep understanding of typical user behaviors. This enables the system to promptly identify deviations from normal patterns, such as irregular login times or unusual data access, indicating possible insider threats or cyber-attacks.

5. Intelligent Threat Intelligence Integration: Mobula CyRay’s SAP Monitoring integrates with a comprehensive threat intelligence database, providing access to real-time threat data from global security sources. This integration empowers the system to proactively defend against emerging threats specific to SAP environments.

6. Data Privacy and Encryption: Mobula CyRay prioritizes data privacy and protection. All data collected and analyzed by SAP Monitoring is encrypted and stored securely, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.

7. Customizable Dashboard and Reporting: The intuitive user interface offers customizable dashboards and reports, allowing organizations to tailor the monitoring experience to their specific needs. Gain valuable insights into system performance, security posture, and historical trend analysis with ease.

8. Scalable Architecture: Whether you have a small-scale SAP deployment or a complex enterprise-level landscape, SAP Monitoring seamlessly scales to meet your requirements. It can efficiently manage multiple SAP environments, ensuring consistent and reliable monitoring across the organization.

Mobula CyRay’s SAP Monitoring is revolutionizing the way businesses safeguard their SAP infrastructure. By actively detecting abnormal activities, enhancing security measures, and ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards, this innovative service ensures uninterrupted business continuity and peace of mind for organizations relying on SAP systems. Embrace the power of SAP Monitoring and elevate your SAP security to unparalleled heights.

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