Transform your
SIEM and SOC management

Our technology

After years of experience in advanced SOCs, we realized that the key to improving our work was to reduce manual, repetitive tasks and embrace automation. This led us to develop Mobula, an autonomous threat detection platform and management app designed specifically for enterprises. With Mobula, we offer our clients enhanced wisdom and more efficient, effective security solutions.

Main Capabilities

one day siem integration

Automatically connect your SIEM and related products with no downtime Start monitoring your environment within 24 hours Minimize your integration overhead, reduce your costs

Never Worry About Maintenance Again

No more manual maintenance for your SIEM, Our experts and technology are in charge of every aspect regarding your SIEM system 24/7/365

Enhance your security level

Deploying +1500 use cases’ rules and dashboard from day one Agentless monitoring of endpoints and +1000 OOB products Monitor all cloud environments – Azure,AWS,GCP

Transform Your Workflow with Automated Updates

With automated updates of correlation rules, use cases, and dashboards you can focus on your work confidently, knowing you have the latest tools and protections at your fingertips

CyRay’s Managmet App

Gain full visibility over your organization’s security. Manage your rules and alerts, Suppress or customize alerts with just one click Generate compliance reports and dashboards directly from the App

Time to market

One-day SIEM integration