for SMB’s

SIEM – SOC as a Service
at an Enterprise level

Our technology for SMB’s

After creating Mobula – our proprietary technology based on years of experience in leading SOCs for all sectors, we started our own MSSP. Our technology gives you the highest level of security from the first second, as we provide for each enterprise customer. Our technology and best practices allow us to automatically update your system with every new vulnerability it is out. Integration – with CyRay, it will take us a few hours, and we are monitoring your organization, from endpoints to cloud environments.

Main Capabilities

Few hours integration

Our technology and best practices allows us to transform an heavy integration to Agentless, speedy and easy

Monitoring and Detection

Highly accurate threat detection and monitoring, managed by our 24/7 SOC experts. We Monitor all your connected devices, endpoints, and products. We also monitor Databases, Cloud environments. Our technology is agnostic to Linux or Windows OS. 

Alert and Reports

Real-time alerts via the channel of your choice: Trygon App, SMS, email, or Telegram. Generate reports via our App, including Summary, compliance, and executive reports

Security level and Technology

We are deploying +1000 use cases, rules, and dashboards from day one. +1000 OOB products ready for monitoring. Continuously get the most recently updated rules to identify new known CVEs and vulnerabilities

Management App

Get full visibility and control over your organization’s security. Manage your rules and alerts, and Suppress or customize alerts with just one click. Shorten your investigation time on your alerts. Generate compliance reports and dashboards directly from the App.

Time to market

One-day SIEM integration