Transform your MSSP to an
easier and more profitable business

Our technology for MSSP

After creating Mobula – our propietary technology that is based on years of expirence in leading SOCs for all sectors, we have started our on MSSP. With our technology it was an easy and fast process, through launching the SIEM to connecting and managing the entities. Today we are managing MSSPs cross the globe and helping companies to grow thier businesses.

CyRay technology will give you opportunity to start within 24 hours, and will cover your SIEM from end to end. Everything from connecting a new entity, developing and maintenance 24/7 to training your SOC analysts is our responsibility. Let our technology help you grow your business

Main Capabilities

one day siem integration

Want to start operating an MSSP? with our technology you can start within 24 hours. Minimize your integration overhead, reduce your costs in the process

Entity onboarding

Connecting a new entity was never easier, in only few hours we connect a new entity to your SIEM, and we will manage all the integration from beginning to end


No more manual maintenance for your SIEM, Our experts and technology are incharge of every aspect of your SIEM system 24/7/365

Security level

Deploying +1500 use cases, rules, and dashboards from day one. Our monitoring is Agentless, we monitor all endpoints, cloud environments (Azure, AWS, GCP) and +1000 OOB products


Get constant automatic updates of correlation rules, use cases and dashboard. with every new CVE out we will update your system with no need for manual work

Management App

Give your customers full visibility and control over their organization’s security. Manage your rules and alerts, Suppress or customize alerts with just one click. Shorten your analyst time in handling alerts Tak the load off from Generate compliance reports and dashboards directly from the App

Time to market

One-day SIEM integration