CYRAY's LogsDam Solution

How to reduce your ingestion cost,
on Azure Sentinal and Splunk

The Problems


When used at large volumes, ingestion on MS Sentinel/Splunk can be prohibitively costly.


Transferring large quantities of data necessitates a substantial amount of bandwidth.

Data collection

Effectively gathering all data while not overlooking crucial logs necessitates expertise and skill.

Your Smart Collector that solves your problems

Our solution provides a quick, intelligent, and straightforward approach to addressing your cost concerns, without requiring any alteration to your existing SIEM. In just 30 minutes of your time, we can decrease your ingestion expenses by up to 80 percent.

How it Works


Aggregation Architecture

Real life example of cost savings

At CYRAY, we want to clarify that our solution offers the flexibility to send data directly to MS Sentinel or Splunk without going through our analytics server. If you choose to send your data through our server, it is only for additional analytics, and we do not keep the data for ourselves. We respect the privacy of our customers and understand the importance of data confidentiality. Our solution is designed to provide a cost-effective and efficient way of ingesting data to SIEM tools while maintaining data privacy and confidentiality.


Time to market

One-day SIEM integration