Introducing LogsDam: An Innovative Solution to Your SIEM’s Ingestion Expenses 


As companies increasingly rely on technology for their day-to-day operations, the amount of data generated has grown exponentially. This data is critical for maintaining the company’s infrastructure’s security and detecting potential security breaches. However, this data is only valuable if properly collected, analyzed, and stored.

Microsoft Sentinel and Splunk are two optional solutions for managing security information and event management (SIEM). These platforms enable companies to collect and analyze security logs, but they come with their own set of problems. For one, the cost of ingesting large volumes of data can be prohibitively high. Additionally, transferring large amounts of data requires a significant amount of bandwidth. Finally, effectively gathering all the data while not overlooking crucial logs necessitates expertise and skill.

To solve these problems, we introduce LogsDam, a quick, intelligent, and straightforward approach to addressing your cost concerns without altering your existing SIEM. In just 30 minutes of your time, we can decrease your ingestion expenses by up to 80 percent.

How It Works

The LogsDam service is an advanced solution for managing and analyzing logs of organizations. The service is designed to minimize the footprint (storage/traffic volume) to various cloud services to a minimum, without compromising data quality. The service is located between the source systems and the customer’s cloud service, namely Sentinel/Splunk.

Using advanced technologies, the service learns from multiple events and aggregates identical log lines into a single line within a short period of time, without affecting the data quality.

The above will result in a 50% reduction in footprint.

Through machine learning technologies, the system can identify events with high traffic and categorize them as “Noisy.” The customer has the option to filter out these events if they are not required for storage or if they result from incorrect settings in the source systems, based on the customer’s decision.

The above can potentially reduce the footprint by approximately 20-40%.

Benefits of our LogsDam

LogsDam offers several benefits to companies looking to manage their SIEM effectively. First and foremost, it reduces the cost of ingesting large volumes of data. Companies can save up to 80 percent on their ingestion costs by implementing our solution. This cost reduction enables companies to collect more data, which leads to better detection of potential security breaches.

Secondly, our system is designed to be intelligent and efficient. By filtering and aggregating logs, we ensure that only the most critical data is forwarded to your SIEM. This approach reduces the bandwidth required for data transfer, making the process more efficient.

Finally, LogsDam is designed to be easy to use. Our system integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, and our team of experts provides guidance and support every step of the way. By making data collection and analysis more straightforward, we enable companies to focus on what they do best and save valuable time to your IT and Security teams.


LogsDam is an innovative solution to the problems faced by companies managing their SIEM. By reducing the cost of data ingestion, improving connectivity, and streamlining the data collection process, we enable companies to collect and analyze security logs more effectively. Our solution is easy to use, intelligent, and designed to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. If you are looking for a better way to manage your SIEM, LogsDam is the solution you have been looking for.

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