Autonomous Threat Detection Mastermind
Autonomous Threat Detection Mastermind

What is Mobula?

Mobula fundamentally changes SOC management – saving the time and resources devoted to long integrations and threat detection content development. Mobula seamlessly connects to your SIEM and immediately delivers the most updated use cases to your security intelligence platforms and keeps updating them.

With the Mobula app, you gain full visibility over your organization’s security, you can manage and customize your rules and alerts to your needs.

Already have a SOC?
Already have a SOC?
Operating an MSSP?
Operating an MSSP?
Setting up a new SOC?
Setting up a new SOC?

Main Capabilities

Instant Integration
  • Automatically connect your SIEM and related products with no downtime
  • Start monitoring your environment within 24 hours
  • Minimize your integration overhead, reduce your costs
Smart Monitoring and Detection
  • Agentless monitoring of +1000 OOB products, using +1500 use cases from day one
  • Get constant streaming of updated correlation rules
  • Free up your team from content development tasks to focus on real events
Simple Management App
  • Gain full visibility over your organization's security
  • Manage your rules and alerts. Suppress or customize alerts with just one click
  • Compliance reports and dashboards
  • Onboard customers in a couple of hour
  • Customize threat detection according to your customer needs
  • Manage all your customers from a single app
  • Offer your customers a dedicated app
Autonomous threat detaction platform
“Autonomous”: [
“SIEM Integration“,
“Data Collection“,
“Detection Use Case streaming“,
“Rules and Alerts customization
“No manual development”,
“No professional services”