“It’s good to be the king” – is that so?

“It’s good to be the king” – is that so?

In every kingdom, you will find only one king.

But as always, there are some exceptions. In the modern technical environment, there is more than one king, or in our case, more than one Administrator/Power user.

Today, we can find more than one technical team that handles the organization network or systems: the Networking team, SecOps, DevOps, IT, etc.

For each of those teams, there are systems and equipment that they need to manage or support.

Instinctively, we want to do this job with the highest privileges that we can, maybe to make it faster or just to do it without any limitations. Usually, that user is called “Administrator” or “Admin” or “Root,” etc. 

In most cases, that user is the default administrative user for the system or the domain (router, DC, etc.). 

But have you ever asked yourself, “Do I have to be the most muscular man to be the king…?”

Maybe using it as a default admin can be more harmful than beneficial?

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